Episode 14: PAX and Self-Improvement

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 14 – PAX and Self-Improvement

*We talk about PAX, and some of the limited events going on over the weekend. You can view the schedule of events here

*We discuss several tools you can use to reflect on your play and improve your game.

*Next week, we will go over our BNG grades. We’ll talk about what we got right, and what we got wrong. The following week, we’ll do the JOU set review show!

Episode 10: Interview with Ryan Poplin

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 10 – Interview with Ryan Poplin

* We interview local sealed PTQ winner Ryan Poplin!
* We do a Born of the Gods crack-a-pack with Ryan.
* We apologize for the random noises in the background. In order to pick up everybody’s voice, we needed to increase the mic sensitivity. Unfortunately, this picked up nearly every table bump and chair movement. We will fix this issue in future interviews.

Episode 9: Draft Environments

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 9 – Draft Environments

* An in depth look at the environment of triple BNG, including deep dives into the red/white and red/black archetypes.
* Characteristics of triple BNG that makes extremely aggressive archetypes difficult to beat, and how to apply these findings to future draft environments.
* If you want to see the excel template mentioned on the show: Trip BNG
* A handful of decks that all won 8-4s are included below. They all include red, as this color is the backbone of the strategy. They all have extremely low curves. They all have some number of red removal. The white decks incorporate some number of loyal pegasus. The black decks incorporate two drops, and bile blights / asphyxiate.