Episode 33: KTK Initial Impressions

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We’re baaaack! This week, we talk about our intial impressions of KTK. At the top of the show, we discuss the future of the show, including a new proposed content release schedule. There won’t be a new show for several more weeks. Starting at the beginning of November, we will return for good on an every other week schedule. We end the show with a deeper dive into the Mardu clan, and a Khans crack-a-pack.

Episode 32: M15 Back to Basics

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 32 – M15 Back to Basics


Jim will be at Pax Prime next weekend. Check out the MTG schedule below. I’ll bring business cards to hand out. Feel free to say hello!
Pax Prime MTG Event Schedule

Next week there likely won’t be a show due to scheduling conflicts with Pax Prime.

*Hien and I crack an M15 pack, and it’s a doozy!
*Jim tells a Whale of a Tale involving our friend. I just realized he’s not a whale and my joke isn’t relevant :(
*We cover the black/green graveyard deck in the archetype spotlight.
*Our main topic is a refresher course on the fundamentals of magic. With this core set, it’s not possible to go one drop into ordeal and aggro out cheap wins. You have to play magic, so we try to offer up some tips we like to follow.

Episode 31: M15 Battle Awareness

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 31 – Battle Awareness

*A few news items:
1) PT Dewey will be Modern. Source
2) We mentioned the team sealed GP in Nashville. It’s Friday, Oct 31st through Sunday, Nov 2nd, and hosted by “The Next Level Games”.

*We mention a few tips to help increase your playing speed.

*We crack a pack, and pick borderland maurader out of a somewhat average M15 booser.

*Our main topic focuses on many combat scenarios in M15, some of which you may already be familiar with. We go in depth on ways to play around cards, signals that your opponent has a specific card, and also tell you when it’s the best time to use your cards in combat.

Episode 30: M15 News, Archetypes, and Stories (OH MY!)

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 30 – M15 News, Archetypes, and Stories (OH MY!)

*Take a look at my wife’s book!

*Big news item of the week – All 2015 PT’s will be Standard / Draft

*If you’re interested in streaming, “DarkestMage” put out a couple of youtube videos that are perfect for getting you started.
1) You’ll need to download OBS here
2) Broadcast settings
3) Scene setup

*Crack a Pack

*Archetype Spotlight
1) Red/Black Aggro
2) Red/Blue Artifacts

Episode 29: M15 Potpourri

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 29 – M15 Potpourri

*We start the show off with some huge news items.
1. Huge changes to paper PTQs and GPs
2. Magic Online PTQs and MOCs return

*We crack a couple of M15 packs

*This week’s Archetype Spotlight focuses on the White / X tokens strategy that is winning more than its fair share of drafts.

*Hien and I tell some M15 stories with cool card interactions / lessons.

Episode 28 – M15 UG ETB Bounce

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 28 – M15 UG ETB Bounce

*For our main topic, we go deep sea diving as we dissect everything you need to know about the Blue / Green archetype. This deck’s strength lies in its ability to recast creatures with potent ETB effects to maximize value. The deck shines in a longer game. We talk about everything including draft priority, deck construction, and play tips.
*We crack a quick M15 pack. We swear, it wasn’t rigged!
*We’ll be at the Boston – Worcester GP this weekend. Jim will be playing limited side events while Hien will be in the main event. We’ll have business cards and we hope to see you there!

Episode 27: M15 Initial Impressions

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 27 – M15 Initial Impressions

*Short show today, as we are bumping up against our upload limit for the month of July. We’ll be back next week with a normal length episode (60+ minutes).
*We discuss some news events including GP Worcester, M15 release dates for both MTGO and paper, and MTGO news regarding the Beta (now current) client. Also we forgot to mention that August’s MTGO promo card is Show and Tell!
*We go over some of our initial impressions on M15. Was it fun? How fast or slow were the games?
*We take a deeper dive discussing archetypes that worked well and individual cards that over performed.

Episode 26: M15 Set Review

Listen here:





Green, Artifacts, Gold, Land

*M15 is finally here! We’ll be releasing the set review show in installments throughout the next few days. The schedule for that is shown above.

*We mentioned an excel spreadsheet in the “White” episode. You can download that here

*In the “Cards” tab you can click each card name in column “B” to see a picture of each card. This is helpful if you’d like a visual representation of the card while you listen. Our grades are in the final columns “Q-T”.

*The “Pivots” tab gives you an easy way to slice the data for all creature cards. You can splice it any way you’d like. For example, you can look at the average power / toughness of blue, common and uncommon, three drop flyers. You can go more broad, and just get a count of creatures with power 3 or greater. All you have to do is shift around the field list to your liking!

*The “Random Pack Generator” tab does just that. By pressing the “f9″ key, you can calculate the spreadsheet. Every time you press “f9″, a new pack will be regenerated. If there are copies of cards, the card name is highlighted in red, indicating you should calculate again until you get a legitimate pack. In a normal magic pack, the only way to get a duplicate card is through a foil version of it, which my spreadsheet doesn’t take into account.

*In the “GPA” tab, you can see how the grades look in total. Both Hien and I ended up giving an average rating slightly higher than C. For the most part, our grades represent a normal curve. We grade each individual card on its own merits without any thought of how it will look in total at the end. The fact that we get a bell shaped curve gives us further confidence that we didn’t make any fundamental mistakes in grading.

*Hien mentioned the “Layers” rule in the “Blue” episode. You can find a link to those rules here. Knowing how these interact with cards like “turn to frog” is very beneficial.

*We had a new setup for the show. It reminded us of an outdoor setup, so we snapped a few pics for you guys to check out.



Episode 24: The Final Journey into Nyx

Listen here: Curving Out – Episode 24 – The Final Journey into Nyx

*Hien is back! We shoot the shit for a few minutes and talk about our thoughts on Conspiracy and a recent Theros block draft.
*Jim plays Shawn Massak, a local celebrity who writes for Hipsters of the Coast. You can read the article he wrote about our draft here.
*Our main topic has us look back at our Journey into Nyx grades with a critical eye. What cards did we underrate and overrate?
*Next week we discuss M15; returning mechanics, general core set draft experiences, and cards to keep an eye on.